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For most of us, wealth has no single definition. Wealth is not solely important in the financial and monetary sense: wealth can mean security, education for our children, comfortable retirement in a warmer climate, or a smooth transition of a house or business to heirs. Or, it could be all of these things. To achieve your definition of wealth, you’ll need to set and plan for realistic goals. 

As a financial planner, Keith Thomson strives to help you reach those goals by simplifying each aspect of your finances, through his wealth management plan, Wealth With Wisdom.

Wealth With Wisdom was developed over more than two decades and is based on Keith’s extensive experience helping families–often several generations–reach financial security. Keith’s program allows you to focus on what matters to you–family, career, and other personal goals–while Keith and his team of knowledgeable professionals handle the rest.

Keith’s financial planning approach is different because it looks at your individual situation through your eyes. Wealth With Wisdom is designed to maintain your financial security whatever the state of the economy or the stock market, giving you confidence and financial peace of mind. Keith and his team work with you by learning your concerns, values, and goals. They will then create a plan customized to your needs that will protect what you’ve worked hard to accomplish.

Special Report

Our Special Report, The 10 Critical Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Financial Planner, outlines the questions you need to ask yourself before choosing a financial planner. 
These questions will help you entrust your financial planning to the right person for you and your needs. 



Keith works with four generations of our family.
This continuity coupled with our shared values, especially surrounding philanthropic initiatives, gives us much financial peace of mind.

Bruce Burgetz, former Senior Vice President & CIO
The Loyalty Management Group – Client since 1989




    CIM®, MFA-P™

15 York Street, Second Floor,
Toronto, ON M5J 0A3

Phone: (416) 681-7152

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