Keith Thomson and his team of experienced professionals offer comprehensive financial planning services designed to ensure long-term financial security. Working with Keith and his team will help protect what you’ve built giving you financial peace of mind and letting you focus on what matters most to you.


Integrated Wealth Services

At CI Private Wealth, we consider your entire financial picture. Keith will offer coordinated financial planning strategies to address all aspects of your financial well-being based on your unique financial needs and goals.


Retirement Planning

When you retire, you’ll want to enjoy your wealth without worry, knowing that your wealth will last for your lifetime. We work with you to create a retirement plan that takes into account the lifestyle that you want for your retirement as wells as future needs and sources of income. In addition, we will optimize your retirement plan by maximizing tax efficiency, managing risk, recommending sources of supplementary income, and counseling you on complicated issues such as retiring abroad.


Tax Planning

Often, the more you make, the more you pay in taxes. Our team helps you decrease your tax liabilities and keep more of what you’ve earned with strategies such as trusts, endowments, business restructuring, estate freezes, and/or the use of tax-advantaged investments structures.



Insurance can be a vital part in helping you achieve your financial goals. We explore the ways in which insurance can benefit you, including in the areas of protecting your family and business, planning the succession of your business, offsetting estate taxes, tax-sheltering investments, and supplementary retirement income. Insurance Products offered through Assante Estate and Insurance Services.


Estate Planning

Everyone knows that you can’t take it with you. That said, you can choose how to set up and give your legacy. Our team works with you to ensure that your wishes are carried out in the most effective and tax-advantaged manner possible, giving more to your beneficiaries.



We help you develop a plan to fulfill your philanthropic desires, considering all of the relevant personal and financial factors to philanthropic giving: what type of property will be given, who will receive it, when it will be given, and any possible tax benefits. We coordinate our efforts with charitable organizations as well as your tax and legal counsel to find the best fit for your philanthropic goals, including charitable trusts, private foundations, or bequests.


Business Exit Strategy

When you retire, you deserve to enjoy the rewards of your hard work building your business. We aid you during this important transition through proper planning and a structured succession plan. We find the most beneficial options for you, while respecting the interests of the stakeholders. We develop strategies to help maximize the proceeds of a sale and the value of your business as well as minimize, defer, or eliminate taxes.


Portfolio Design

Our team builds a portfolio catering to your specific needs. Your portfolio, detailed in your Investment Policy Statement, will take into account your unique objectives, life circumstances, risk tolerance, time horizon, growth expectations, and liquidity requirements. We use time-tested, sophisticated models to maximize your return potential without putting you beyond your risk tolerance. We design your portfolio to protect as well as grow your wealth through a wide range of quality investments, automatic rebalancing, and tax minimization strategies.


Money Management

With our team, you are in good hands. Our team coordinates our efforts with award-winning institutional money managers, recognized for their long-term successful track record investing in Canada and around the globe, as well as their high ethical standards, focus, and discipline. By regularly monitoring their efforts, we ensure that these managers work effectively for you.


Health Solutions

Our team offers much more than expert, professional wealth management knowledge. We are committed to helping you not only protect and grow your wealth, but protect your enjoyment of it. To do this, we augment our wealth management services with access to skilled health care counsel. Working with our team, you can benefit from advanced diagnostic technologies and treatments, individualized wellness expertise, and specialized referrals from outstanding facilities such as the MedCan Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic, one of the top hospitals and the leader in heart care in North America.


Keith works with four generations of our family.
This continuity coupled with our shared values, especially surrounding philanthropic initiatives, gives us much financial peace of mind.

Bruce Burgetz, former Senior Vice President & CIO
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