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Wealth has the ability to make life even more enjoyable, but it can be challenging to manage.

Keith Thomson has over thirty years' experience as a financial planner and wealth management advisor. He and his team work closely with you to understand your unique needs, goals, and concerns. Keith is a co-founder and Managing Director of CI Private Wealth (to learn more about CI Private Wealth, please click here). As Keith engages with no more than four new family relationships each year, he is able to personally focus on your individual needs and business interests. Keith facilitates planning strategies that include tax reduction, enhancing investment returns and multiplying your philanthropic impact while at the same time addressing potential estate and insurance opportunities.
Working with Keith gives you the benefit of a customized wealth management plan that puts your financial affairs in order - and keep them that way - allowing you to reach your financial goals and aspirations, thereby freeing you to enjoy your life! We call this process “Wealth with Wisdom”.
As a Master Financial Adviser in Philanthropy (MFA-P) and in keeping with Keith’s charitable giving philosophy, a minimum of ten percent of all business income is donated annually to a wide range of nonprofit organizations locally, nationally, and internationally.


Keith works with four generations of our family.
This continuity coupled with our shared values, 
especially surrounding philanthropic initiatives,
gives us much financial peace of mind.

Bruce Burgetz, former Senior Vice President & CIO
The Loyalty Management Group – Client since 1989




    CIM®, MFA-P™

15 York Street, Second Floor,
Toronto, ON M5J 0A3

Phone: (416) 681-7152

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